To manifest a thriving intentional community based on permaculture principles with a diverse group of people dedicated to live in harmony with each other and the earth.

The IPC is an intentional, international permaculture community;

  • International, being culturally inclusive. This diversity of backgrounds will strengthen and enrich the community.
  • Permaculture, as a natural and flowing sustainable culture, which embodies elements from many fields, creating functional meaningful symbiotic relationships between these elements, building systems that are efficient and also take into consideration all aspects of life.
  • Community, because a person is not an island and the only way to be truly sustainable and efficient is in community. Together we can thrive by tapping into the power of creative people synergies.

The land will be protected through a corporation/foundation that welcomes participants as stewards of the earth to live in diversity and abundance. The IPC will embrace a self governing system and sharing economy model. A new name for the community will emerge when the land and tribe coalesce.